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Executive Search

One of the most efficient ways to find top candidates is headhunting, which can be enhanced by a search of our files containing over 14,000 job seekers. We can also support the search using advertisements if necessary.

The most important part of the selection is a structured, in-depth interview conducted by our consultants. This interview explores the candidate's education, language skills, professional experience and expectations, goals, and personal characteristics relevant to the position. At the client's request we can supplement the search with psychological and graphological tests as well.

Based on the interviews and results we shortlist the most suitable candidates for the position. Before presenting a candidate to a client, we provide the resume and the confidential job match report, which is an analysis of the candidate's professional experience, management skills and character.

During the entire search and selection process we are available to assist our clients and candidates with any additional support they may need.


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